GalPalsGiveawayImage I’m excited about a collaboration I’ve done with Sew Mama Sew and have written a guest blog post on Tools and Tips to Simplify Plush Toy Making plus this doll giveaway.  Read about the tools I use to simplify tricky steps when sewing plushies and tips on making better finished toys. MainToolLayout I’ve been a long time fan of Sew Mama Sew and consider them the queen bees of sewing.  I admire their vast collection of sewing tutorials with TONS of amazing free patterns.  I learn something new every time I read their blog.  I also like how they bring together a large community of sewers and crafters making, teaching, and sharing beautiful handmade pieces.  It is a great blog to learn, to create, and to get inspired. In conjunction with the guest post, there’s a giveaway.  The giggly doll in little pigtails (above) is all dressed up and excited to meet her new playmate!  Comment below on what your current favorite color is to enter.  The giveaway ends Monday evening, October 20th.

51 Responses to “Guest Blog Post & Giveaway for Sew Mama Sew”

  1. Melanie McCarthy

    I’m loving this adorable doll! Probably because I adore aqua/mint green right now. So cute!

  2. Ashley

    This is such a sweet doll!! My daughter would love her!! Her favorite colors are the soft green and pinks!!

  3. Abbey

    I love the soft pinks and mint greens. My daughters 1st birthday is in a couple weeks, I’ve been wanting to get her one of these dolls!

  4. Cleopatra

    Gawd d dolls r adorable. This one could be a perfect 1st addition to the Christmas basket. I have a 4 yr old and this is her first Christmas with us!
    My favorite color is mauve and her is pink 😀

  5. colormeoregon

    I love your gal pals! They are so precious! My favorite color, though it’s hard to choose only one, is and continues to be Indigo!

  6. Laura

    Your gal pal dolls are so cute! Perfect for my little girl. I always love blues and greens. Currently I love navy and a light Aqua blue/green color

  7. Dejah

    This is adorable, such well made dolls. My current favorite color is royal blue. I love the way it looks on my daughter.

  8. Kelly

    LOVE all of your dolls!! I really want to get Violet for my baby girl, due Nov. 16. I think she’ll love purple since it’s my fav. ☺️

  9. loribeth11

    Your dolls are absolutely beautiful and I especially love this one because my favorite color is turquoise. I am pregnant with my first baby girl and would love to win!

  10. Christine

    I loved dolls like that when I was young (and now even!)

    My favorite color has always been purple…..this year it’s orange..the burnt orange kind of color

  11. Linda Fleming

    Isn’t she just gorgeous, your beautiful doll!
    My favorite color has always been turquoise but I love the soft blue you’ve used with the coordinating accessories.

  12. robotmomsews

    I thoroughly enjoyed your tips and tricks! Where on earth did you find those tiny pinking shears? One thing I never thought of was using the straw to stuff too! Der! That is a huge help!! Oh and my fav colors are turquoise and pink. Thx for the tips and the chance to win!

    • Gal-Pals

      Those tiny shears are hemostats that can be purchased on Amazon–just type in hemostat in the search bar. It is an essential tool if you make a lot of plush toys.

  13. Shelby

    I’ve always been a fan of sunshiney yellow. Thanks for the great tips and tools for plush making on Sew Mama Sew! I always wondered how to make those chopsticks and tubes work…

  14. carolejm

    Some great tips! Favourite colour right now is purple (usually is) or puce – which is a purpley pink – kind of an odd name for a pretty colour.

  15. Elissa

    What a lovely doll! As for color, I’ve been obsessed with orange for a few years now…Thank you!

  16. Diane Wespiser

    love your dolls! today, my favorite color is pure pumpkin orange.

  17. Lauren

    My favorite color is Violet! I even named my daughter after it!!! Thanks for the great tips!!!!!

  18. Ann

    Current color craving is deep aqua like the bow and shoes on your sweet doll.

  19. Gal-Pals

    The random winner is #29 Stacey. I’ve noted your favorite colors and will use them on my dolls in the future so thank you all for participating!


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