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Everybody loves a good story, and Alice in Wonderland is one of those magical and imaginative classics.  What book has such characters like the mad hatter and his perpetual tea party, a huge grinning cat whose body appears and reappears, an anxious talking rabbit dressed in human clothing, a hookah smoking caterpillar who teaches Alice to eat magic mushrooms-to name a few characters in this fantastical story that was written by Lewis Carroll 150 years ago.

The picture above is Alice in Wonderland topsy turvy doll where Alice is on one side.  Flip the skirt over, and the White Rabbit appears.  Turn the rabbit over, and the Cheshire cat is revealed.  Though these dolls are time consuming, I like making them because the characters are more interactive and naturally tell the story.

I made this doll for a softie contest held by Sew Mama Sew.  They have been having a 6 Weeks Of Softies event filled with tutorials, free patterns, and everything related to plush toys.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past 6 weeks reading their blog and have been educated and inspired by talented softie toy designers.  I’ve also enjoyed revisiting the story of Alice in Wonderland and would like to briefly recap on these 3 doll characters that I’ve made.


Alice was a privileged 7 year old girl who was curious by nature. She fell down a rabbit hole and into Wonderland. She proceeded into a fantasy world where she grew, shrank, almost drowned in her own tears, got sentenced to be beheaded, and met the most unbelievable characters along the way.

IMG_3293 falling down

IMG_3291alice standing upWhite Rabbit

“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!”  The White Rabbit was who initially got Alice into trouble. He attracted her attention because she noticed him dressed in a vest with a pocket watch, scurrying around the garden talking to himself. He was an anxious character because he feared being beheaded if he was late to meet the Queen.

IMG_3299 rabbit in cornerIMG_3300rabbit laying downCheshire Cat

‘We’re all mad here.”  The Cheshire cat was considered one of the maddest characters of them all. He appeared and disappeared at will, leaving only his eyes and huge grin remaining. He was an amusing and mischevious character who sometimes helped Alice and sometimes mislead her. He’d also engage her in frustrating philosophical conversations that would confuse and annoy her. When he was sentenced to death, he shocked everyone when his body disappeared with the head remaining which created a huge argument whether one can be beheaded without a body.

IMG_3304cheshire laying down

IMG_3304cheshire eyes close up

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